Battle of the Books Update: New Date

Oct 11th, 2018


Annunciation subscribes to a service to provide comprehension questions for the Battle of the Books.  Unfortunately, our supplier is battling a serious illness and wasn't able to fill our order in time for the October 16th event.  As a result, the Battle of the Books has been postponed to Tuesday, November 6th.

We apologize for any inconvenience and we ask you to keep our supplier, Ms. House, in your prayers.

Please direct questions to Anne LaLonde Laux -  or  Megan Stebbins

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Hello,  Battle of the Books Families!

I hope you/your child enjoyed a good book, or two, (or more) over the summer!  

We have some fun activities and prizes lined up and...of course, the famous ice cream sundae celebration!  
If something came up and your child didn't do the reading or won't be able to participate - please ask him/her to notify his/her teammate(s).  
In addition, please email me so I can remove his/her name from the roster.

Here is a link to our school website with details on the Battle of the Books.  This page includes a timeline with important dates, teams, and book titles for each grade level.

 Here again are some the suggestions I sent earlier in the summer :

  • All of the titles are available from the Hennepin County Library. (Please don't be a 'book hog' and hold on to the books for too long...)
  • Many of the titles are available in the Annunciation Library
  • Participants may want to create a ‘Battle Log’ with notes/reading responses 

We have close to 100 participants this year - woot, woot! 
We LOVE celebrating our students and their reading!