Back to School Night is Tonight!

Aug 23rd, 2017

We hope you all received the packet of paperwork earlier this month.  This packet included all of the required forms for next school year.  Please be sure to return all of the required forms to the office before Back To School Night (August 23 from 4-7pm).  The school office is open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am-4pm. 

School Supplies: 

Please be sure to bring all of your supplies to Back To Night on Wednesday between 4-7pm.  You will also find out your child’s teacher, meet other new classmates, and receive important information about the upcoming school year.

School supply lists for 2017-18 can be found here:

Medication in school:  

Reminder to families whose students have medication needs at school:  For student safety, please bring both clinic orders (co-signed by parent) AND the medication to Back To School Night on Wednesday night. This also includes over the counter medications such as ibuprophen, benedryl, etc.

Forms will also be available at the nurse’s table on Wednesday night, but getting the form and medication before the first day of school is very helpful for staff.  This allows our nurse, Bea Benda, to have all paperwork ready for school staff on the first day of school.  Ms. Benda’s colleague, Ann Snyder, will be there to receive them on Wednesday night and review anything that is new with your student related to health concerns.  Ms. Benda will plan to be on site most Thursdays.  The office staff (Jen Renstrom & Donna Ohme) can administer medication at any time. 

School Calendar:

Did you know?  There is a very easy way to see an up-to-date, very detailed school calendar on our website!  Just click on the calendar link here or on the top navigation bar of our website: The one page color calendar is attached to this email.  Top line events plus non-school days are listed on this calendar.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the first day of school, August 28!