APO Speaker: Helping our kids build positive body wisdom in a social media world

Apr 11th, 2019

Helping our kids build positive body wisdom in a social media world: Join the discussion on Tuesday, April 30

From an early age kids are bombarded with images, messages, and feedback that impact how they view themselves.

To help us navigate this evolving world, the Annunciation Parent Organization (APO) is hosting a discussion for parents, caregivers, and teachers with Dr. Katy Christensen (Annunciation parent and licensed psychologist), along with her partners Dr. Shannon O’Donnell and Dr. Angie Scott. Katy, Shannon, and Angie will lead an important conversation about how to promote positive body wisdom in this era of appearance-focused social media pressure. 

When: 7-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 30

Where: Annunciation Library

Questions: Contact Christine Headrick


About our speakers:
As doctoral level psychologists, Katy, Shannon and Angie have close to 50 years of combined experience engaged in the process of exploring, understanding, and addressing the impact of mental health issues in clients’ lives; this includes working to improve self-esteem, increase resilience and embrace the vulnerability that is an inevitable part of being human. Together they bring significant expertise in the areas of eating disorders and common co-occurring disorders for both men and women, and they share a commitment to attending to the cultural and societal inequalities that contribute to individuals’ psychological struggles.