Annunciation Students Participate In World-Wide Competition

Nov 18th, 2015

Approximately 35 Annunciation Middle School math students participated in the 31st annual MAA American Mathematics Competitions 8, held on Tuesday, November 17, 2015.  Students competed for local, national and school awards.  In 2014 over 150, 0000 students from over 2,300 schools participated in the AMC 8 contest. 

The purpose of the AMC 8  is to spur interest in mathematics and develop talent through the excitement of friendly competition at problem solving.  The AMC 8 contest can lead to other more selective math contests, even all the way to the United States of America team sent to the International Mathematical Olympiad, the premier international high school level mathematical problem solving contest.  The problems on the contest are difficult, but designed to be within the reach of students. 

Math is increasingly important in our technological and scientific age.  For some students, math is the gateway to jobs and careers of all kinds, even those that are not explicitly mathematical, scientific or technological.  We hope that by offering these contests at Annunciation, we can challenge and inspire students to want to learn more about math!

Thank you to our dedicated Annunciation math teachers who encourage, challenge and inspire our students every day!

Anne LaLonde Laux
International Baccalaureate (IB) Coordinator Enrichment Teacher & Coordinator
Annunciation Catholic School
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