Annunciation Student Ambassadors

Apr 24th, 2014

Congratulations to our newly selected Annunciation Student Ambassadors!  These students represent Annunciation well and live out the school mission in their social, academic, and spiritual development.  The Annunciation Student Ambassadors commit to make a strong positive impact on our community life, both within the school and in welcoming visitors.  Candidates were selected based on a written application, personal interview, academic standing, and teachers’ input. 

In their first endeavor, the ambassadors helped set up and work the games and activities at the Pre-K and Kindergarten Spring Fling Wednesday night.  Guests and organizers went out of their way to note how kind and helpful the ambassadors were!  The ambassadors will continue to assist throughout the rest of this school year and into the next.  We are thrilled to share their enthusiasm for the spirit of our school!

McKenzie H
Nathan K
Claudia M
Lucy R
Lily S
Elizabeth W
Ellie A
Grace B
Shane dS
Matt H
Katie L
Peter O
Sadie R
Maggie K
Anna J
Grace V