Annunciation Prairie Project

Mar 8th, 2017

The prairie project is going to be fun! Annunciation is partnering with Growing Green Hearts to plan and grow a prairie garden on campus. Growing Green Hearts specializes in environmental STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) with a focus on the basics of:  play, learn, and love nature.  You can find out more here:  The goal of the project is to explore creation care and the engineering design process as we complete the garden space.  Students will experience a process that can be used year after year- building on the IB foundation and utilizing the outdoor spaces at Annunciation for nature play and science learning.  

The first step is a site visit where students will evaluate buckets of prairie plants to save seeds.  Kids learn some basics about how these special plants clean air and water as well as provide habitat. Some of the topics they will explore are: Is a seed alive or not?  What are the needs of living things?  Where can we grow seeds, plants, and food for us and the animals that live in this place?  Why plant prairie?  They will dig in to soil types and dissect plants! Together plan a themed garden.

As the project grows we will share updates and photos online and in The Weekender. Let's get ready for Spring!