Annunciation Healthy Habits February

Jan 24th, 2019





Annunciation is preparing for Healthy Habits February!

We are asking all 370-some students-- as well as teachers and staff!-- to come up with one small change they can make in their daily lives to be healthier, and we will all support each other over February to see if we can’t turn them into permanent habits!

Some of the creative ideas we’ve heard as Mr. Kaiser visits classrooms to brainstorm healthy ideas are:

• Choose white milk instead of chocolate milk every day if they don’t already
-- Nora

• Turn off the TV in the morning and talk to their parents and siblings
-- Quincey

• Ten burpies a day-- Henrik

• Walk around the block twice-- James

• Quit drinking soda-- Jake

• No sweets-- Mr. Kaiser

• Floss teeth every day

• Wash hands before eating

• Cut out a half-hour of video games

• Say a prayer before bedtime

• Go to bed an hour earlier

As you can see, there are many different aspects to “health!” Some goals are certainly diet- and exercise-related, but don’t forget dental health, healthy relationships, hygienic health, and spiritual and mental health. There is no limit to what you can choose, as long as it makes a healthy change to your life! Most kids will either start doing something healthy, or stop doing something unhealthy.

We will track progress with our promises with posters in the lunchroom where our community can mark a calendar next to their name with a bingo dauber for every day in February that they keep their promise. All promises are confidential, and progress will be self-reported on the honor system!







How can parents help support at home?

• Participate! We all could live a little healthier, right?

• Help your child choose their goal! Good goals are S.M.A.R.T: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (taken care of because of February)! So, “25 pushups every day” is a smarter goal than “Exercise more.”

• Help your child succeed with reminders, check-ins and encouragement to keep going if they forget or slip up!

Goals should be new, daily, and under the control of the student.

We hope to see a lunchroom full of colorful dots come February 28!
God Bless,
Jennifer M. Cassidy,