AMC 8 Math Contest Successes

Jan 9th, 2017

We have some exciting math news to share...

Annunciation is proud to partner with the Mathematical Association of America in offering the AMC 8 math contest every November. The AMC 8 is a 25-question, 40-minute, middle-school mathematics, multiple-choice examination designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills.

This year over 30 Annunciation students participated in the AMC 8. We are incredibly proud of these students for being courageous by participating and representing Annunciation with their knowledge and creative thinking. 

These students received local (Annunciation) honors for based on their scores:

School Rank 1.
Libby S.
Sara Jane S.
Zachary N.
8th Grade Gold
Libby S.
Zachary N.
Audrey O.J.
7th Grade Gold
Sarh Jane S.
Caitlin O.
Cecelia K., Libby Z., Juliet P.
6th Grade Gold
Griffin M.
Ben E., Madie H.
Michael L., Gordy N.
5th Grade Gold William R.

Congratulations to all the participants!

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