Always Learning

Feb 16th, 2018

Annunciation teachers and staff had a full day of learning today. While students were out of school, staff spent our workshop day learning new things to help us be better teachers for our students. We continue to learn and grow just as our children do.

We began our day with a presentation from PACER on Bullying Prevention. The presentation provided definitions of bullying, statistics, resources for school and home. The goal of the presentation was to help us better identify bullying and to be equipped with tools and resources to address issues when we see them. More importantly, we ended the session with planning time to create next steps and ways to make our school safe and welcoming for all.

By helping our children learn how to be kind and caring to one another, we hope to prevent bullying before it happens. But if it does happen, we want to do our best to take care of all those involved. In the end, we seek to create a positive climate that helps each child reach their full “potentiality”.

Our second session provided time for K-5 teachers to learn more about the Houghton Mifflin Math Expressions curriculum. The presenter offered resources and ways to build on our implementation of the program to best meet the needs of all learners.

While the K-5 teachers focused on math, the middle school team had a great session to learn more about using technology in the classroom in anticipation of our 1:1 program in the fall of 2018. The presenter shared a variety of resources along with her enthusiasm for the impact technology can have on student learning. We are excited to continue to prepare and explore the best ways to apply technology to our teaching.

Finally, we broke out into our staff Small Group Inquiry teams. During the year, our staff meeting times have been used to focus on key areas of school improvement. The areas we are covering include:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Literacy curriculum
  • International Mindedness
  • Technology Integration
  • STEM/Maker Spaces
  • 1:1 program for Middle School

The teams spent time today creating goals for the remainder of the year and identifying how growth in these key areas can help improve instruction and learning for all students. Great progress is happening in each area and our teams of staff are doing amazing things to offer our students the best ways to learn and grow.

Next Friday, February 23, is our last Breakfast with the Principal for the year. We will be sharing updates on our IB implementation and our upcoming authorization. In addition, we will be providing more information on our Small Group Inquiry teams and the strategic goals in each area. I hope you can join us and learn more.

Amazing things are happening at Annunciation. We are touring more families than ever and sharing the story of our great community. The new families are saying that they are hearing about our school from you, our current families, along with others in the community. That is a true testament to the incredible achievements of our students, parents, teachers and staff. The goals were have set are lofty, but the efforts to reach them are paying off.

We are blessed again to have the privilege of helping each child find their unique gifts and talents - what can be more rewarding than that?

Jennifer Cassidy
Annunciation School Principal