A New School Year and a New Theme

Sep 5th, 2014

We begin school year 2014-2015 with a new theme – and a focus on not being afraid, being courageous and trusting that God is walking with us always. Our staff and teachers began workshop week with a talk from Father Jim on this theme. He emphasized how important it is for us to trust God, even when the “waters seem rough” or the boat appears to be tipping. As the apostle Peter learned, if we keep our focus on Jesus, we have nothing to fear.

This is what we want to teach our students as well. Often, we have our best learning through our failures and struggles. It takes courage to try something new, to trust that we are on the right path, even when we slip. As a Catholic school, we can share the promise that God is with us – He is here! What a great lesson to learn for life. Together, we begin this year with the faith and courage to persevere, to take risks, learn new things, fall and know God is there to help us back up. And in the end, we will be wiser, stronger, and more faithful from the journey!

 It has been an exciting and busy beginning of the year. We have new staff and some new programs and initiatives we are kicking off as we begin. Our planning for the school year is always focused on our goal – to best serve our students and our community. We always try to keep you up to date and look forward to our information nights to provide more details.

Thanks for your support and encouragement as we begin the year. A few items to note:

  • New security for 54th Street door – we are now using the buzzer during school hours for our front entry. This is our main school entrance and will be locked from approximately from 8:05 -2:15.
  • End of day prayer and dismissal – last year, we implemented a morning prayer and announcement routine. This was very successful in helping us with community prayer and a consistent start to kick off our school days. This year, to help coordinate dismissal, provide time for students to prepare and organize at the end of the day, and also end our day with prayer, we now have end of the day prayer and announcements before dismissal. This begins at 2:23 and students are dismissed by levels after prayer.
  • Preschool – we opened this fall with our expanded preschool program, offering 5 day/full day options and extended care. We have had a waiting list for the Kinderstart program and were fortunate to be able to utilize the Gabriel room this year and take an extra 5 students in this room. Since this is a new program for our school community, we are fine tuning some of our procedures that include the preschool. Drop off and pick up is set for carpool students at the south foyer/playground area. In inclement weather, students will be in the south foyer. Thanks for your patience as we all learn these routines and processes with our preschool friends. It is wonderful to have them here each day!!

REMINDER: Parent Information Nights – we are looking forward to these evenings to share more information with you about the new school year. Middle school information night is September 11 at 7:00 pm. K-5 Information night is September 17 at 7:00 pm. We hope to see you there!!