A Lesson in Lighting for Creative Arts

Mar 28th, 2019

We are gratfeul to the very talented parent who came to visit our fifth graders in Creative Arts during their acting unit. During the month of February and March, the fifth graders were learning the roles of being an actor/actress and an audience. Kerry was able to stop in and teach our fifth graders about lighting and how it can enhance a performance. The students learned about stagehands and the many jobs they take on behind the scenes. Stagehand jobs can include carpenters building and designing sets, pyrotechnics, and props to name a few. 

Kerry was able to demonstrate staging and how important it is to know the directions (up stage, down stage, stage left, and stage right) when it comes to performances. The stagehands who work on lighting for the show need to know these instructions as they are responsible for lighting up specific areas of the stage at specific times based on cues.  The Creative Arts room has its very own spotlight which was fixed up by her family. We are grateful that the light has been restored as the students were able to learn how to use the light, give cues, and practice shining the spotlight on objects laid out across the stage. Thank you Kerry!

Mrs. Letwin
Creative Arts Teacher