A Focus on Gratitude

Sep 22nd, 2017

Since our retreat last year, our staff has been focused on gratitude. One way to create a growth mindset and grow in our faith is to be grateful. While we have much work to do and can be overwhelmed by our daily “to-do” lists and tasks that busy our day, we don’t want to miss the blessings we have.  

The beginning of the school year can be stressful as students, staff and parents adjust to school life again, but we are grateful knowing that the efforts we put in at the beginning to create a collaborative, positive community of learners will pay off throughout the year. We thank you for your patience, support and for believing that we want the very best for you children. All of our work, learning, “to-do” lists, time, and prayers are for your children. Knowing that we are all part of one family at Annunciation – praying, supporting, and assisting each other – is the fertile ground where each child can grow – reaching their full POTENTIALITY.

Certainly celebrating together at SeptemberFest is one of those blessings. We hope you were able to join us for some of the great fun, food, and activities. Thanks to the co-chairs, Karin and Andy Cebulla, Jaki and Jason Ortmeier, and their team of volunteers who pulled off another amazing SeptemberFest!

Mr. Mike Langer, new School Dean and part-time Physical Education teacher notes, “I have been so impressed with the spirit and vibrancy of the Annunciation school community! From the energy and joy of the students to the dedicated teaching staff and supportive, welcoming parents, this is clearly a very special place. I am excited and honored to be part of Annunciation!"

The beginning of the school year has enabled our teachers and students to have fun getting to know one another, establish routines, and practice academic strategies that will ensure a tremendous year of learning and growth. Along these lines, we are extremely excited to be nearing completion on our application to become an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) school and are confident that the framework of IB will enhance student learning and will support the fine academic tradition that has existed at Annunciation since 1923.

We are very blessed to have such a strong school and we know that our students will achieve great things this year. Much of the success of our school comes from the wonderful support of our parents as well as through a talented and dedicated staff that is committed to providing the care, academic inquires, and individual support needed for each child to succeed. Our staff is also committed to developing a positive and caring environment that helps each of our students understand that they are beloved children of God.

As always, thank you for entrusting your child to us and we look forward to a wonderful year! 

Jennifer M. Cassidy