Library Year End Notes

Apr 10th, 2015

* The week of May 18th will be the last week for students to check out books and still allow time for them to read and return before the end of the year.

* I have been talking with students who have missing books. I will be sending out emails if any books are still missing. Your help in getting them return would be greatly appreciated.

* The students who participated in the Maude Hart Lovelace challenge, and completed at least 6 of the books will participate in a celebration in the library on Tuesday June 2nd, 2015, This will take place during their lunch time. As a part of the celebration we will have pizza together. The children kept book logs and will need to turn the contract in by Friday May22nd.

Thank you for all your support. This has been a great year. I have enjoyed connecting with your children through books for enjoyment, books for research, and books of a particular interest or topic. It has been fun getting to know your children in this way.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

My Best,

Anne Clubb
School Librarian
Phone 612-824-45976 Ext 211