8th Graders are Visited by Author, Geoff Herbach

May 2nd, 2014

On April 25th, the eighth graders had the opportunity to spend time with guest author, Geoff Herbach. The students just finished reading his novel, Stupid Fast, and were excited to talk to him about it and the craft of writing.  Mr. Herbach answered students’ questions for an hour and a half, speaking a great deal about the process that goes into writing fiction.  He explained that even though his work is fiction, his writing is still very personal; personal experiences often form the best basis for fiction-writing.   Mr. Herbach’s characters in Stupid Fast are loosely based on people from his childhood.  Students learned that in all styles of writing, from academic to creative, the easiest place to start writing is by establishing main points and ideas and then building context around them. 

Mr. Herbach was a very gracious guest and was impressed with how engaged and inquisitive our students are!  Mrs. Guilliatt and the eighth graders are grateful to APO for the mini grant that sponsored this visit!