8th grade surveys

Apr 11th, 2014

Dear Eighth Grade Parents,

Can you believe it’s nearly time for your child to head off to the exciting world of high school?  Wow!  In that vein, we are collecting high school information to use both internally and externally.  Below, you will find two surveys.  The first is simply where you have decided to send your child and whether or not s/he received any honors, awards, or scholarships.  Honors and scholarships are traditionally presented at the graduation ceremony. 

The second survey is regarding placement exams and coursework for next year.  This information is anonymous and will help us understand, in greater depth, how well our students are prepared for high school.  Additionally, we always seek to share and honor high student accomplishments.  Communicating the percentage of students who take advanced classes and other such achievements going into high school is something to celebrate! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete these surveys.

1. High School Selection and Honors

2. High School Exams and Placement (anonymous)