2nd Grade Research

May 25th, 2018

This week 2nd graders discussed how to take notes for a research project. First, they completed an idea map, filled with topics they wanted to find out about the plant. Next, they talked about how to use sources to pick out useful information. Students are hard at work collecting as many facts as they can to put together their final report.

This IB unit, Sharing the Planet, is an inquiry into how natural systems are interconnected. Students have been observing and predicting weather patterns, describing characteristics of plants, discussing our responsibility as stewards of the Earth, and exploring ways in which plants, people, and weather are connected. As part of the summative assessment for this unit, the students are researching in order to write a report on a plant from around the world. Through the study, they will explore the plant’s characteristics, life cycle, habitat, and human impact, and describe how the plant connects to other natural systems.