2nd Grade Grandparents & VIP Tea

Jul 16th, 2017

One of Annunciation's special traditions is the 2nd grade Grandparent and Very Important Person (VIP) Tea.  This year's celebration will be on Thursday, October 5th.  The Tea will start at 1:30 p.m. in the school auditorium.  We celebrate this special occasion with music, treats and socializing.  We understand that not all of our 2nd graders have a grandparent or grandparents who are able to attend; we encourage these students to invite a Very Important Person (VIP) to join us.  In addition to the afternoon tea, families, grandparents, and VIPs are welcome to join our school and church community for mass at 8:15 a.m in the church.  Invitations for the Tea will be mailed in September.  

During the Tea, students will present a slide show that includes photos of all their grandparents and VIPs. In September, we will request a digital photo or photos of your child's grandparents (living and deceased) and, if applicable, any VIPs. Multiple photos may be submitted and not all grandparents need to be in the same photo.

During September and October, 2nd grade students will be conducting research and writing about a special person. Each student will be asked to interview an older relative or special person. Students will use their research to compare the past to the present as part of our 'Where We Are in Place and Time' unit of inquiry.  Students will receive a list of possible interview questions, and the final project may be hand-written, word processed or recorded. More details to follow this fall.

We look forward to welcoming grandparents (& VIPs) and celebrating this special event with them!

Teresa Rademacher and Ashley Hannigan, 2nd grade teachers
Lorissa Letwin, Creative Arts teacher