2nd Annual Texas Holdem for Sagrada Familia Life Care Center!

Jul 23rd, 2014

Date: Saturday, August 16th
Time: 6 to 10:30 PM

So what is Sagrada Familia and why are the Koenig’s turning their home into a ‘house of cards’ again this year?

Sagrada Familia is still a young Life Care Center, very much in need of our support and located at St. Stephen’s Parish. Just as Tapestry (formerly Southside Life Care Center) offers services to support Moms and their unborn, newly born, and young children, Sagrada Familia at St. Stephen’s parish in Minneapolis is now offering similar support resources and outreach in the Latino Community.

Because Sagrada Familia is in need of help and support, Tom and Emily Koenig are planning a fun evening for families. There will be tables set up for Texas Holdem as well as tables for the younger children to play card games such as Go Fish, Kings in the Corner, etc. If you are able, please bring an appetizer to share.

Please contact the Parish Office for more details: 612-824-0787.