First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Sharon Buffie School Counselor (Tues/Wed) 612-824-9993x295 email
Dick Danaher Band Director 612-824-9993x239 email
Alicia Freppert School Nurse (Wed) 612-824-9993x218 email
Harry Kaiser Physical Education Teacher 612-824-9993x206 email
Jessica Knutson Alumni Coordinator 612-824-9993x289 email
Tom Konz Director of Development 612-824-9993x255 email
Anne LaLonde Laux International Baccalaureate (IB) Coordinator, Enrichment Teacher & Coordinator 612-824-9993x283 email
Mike Langer Dean of Students/PE Teacher 612-824-9993x202 email
Lorissa Letwin Creative Arts Teacher 612-824-9993x232 email
Julie Loney IT Coordinator 612-824-9993x233 email
Donna Ohme School Tuition Administrator 612-824-9993x204 email
Jennifer Renstrom School Secretary, Front Desk 612-824-9993x200 email
Anne Rusert Literacy Support 612-824-9993x231 email
Ellison Smith Learning Specialist 612-824-9993x231 email
Megan Stebbins Library/Media Specialist & Web Editor 612-824-9993x233 email
Anne Stickney Lunch Program Director 612-824-9993x292 email
Jeff Wisdom Extended Day Director 612-824-9993x212 email