Parish Staff

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Nicole Bettini Director of Faith Formation & Safe Environment Coord (SEC) 612-824-9993x251 email
Nick Chalmers Director of Music & Liturgy 612-824-9993x261 email
Helen Corkran Director of Pastoral Care 612-824-9993 x252 email
Jimmy Dunn Director of Outreach & Community Life 612-824-9993x259 email
Bernie Gauthe Director of Youth Ministry 612-824-9993x243 email
Tom Konz Director of Advancement 612-824-9993x255 email
Lisa MacKenzie Accounting and HR Specialist 612-824-9993 x264 email
Steve Marple Maintenance Supervisor 612-824-9993x209 email
Fr. Brian Park Pastor 612-824-9993x228 email
Pam Peterson Parish Secretary 612-824-9993x208 email
Alexandra Schindler Associate Director of Music 612-824-9993 email
Ashleigh Varley Director of Evangelization 612-824-9993x256 email
Jim Weiland Parish Administrator 612-824-9993x241 email
Mary Grace Westman Administrative Assistant 612-824-9993x242 email