Welcome to Blaze! We are excited to bring Blaze, a Walking with Purpose Bible study program developed for middle school-age girls to Annunciation.
This twenty-session program integrates the Scripture with the teachings of the Catholic Church.  

Blaze Curriculum Objectives

  • To teach the girls that they are unconditionally loved by their heavenly Father.
  • To explain the Gospel message of salvation in a way middle school girls understand.
  • To teach the girls how to differentiate between truth and lies.
  • To teach the girls to base their worth on being children of God.
  • To teach the girls how to pray in their own words.
  • To teach the girls how to use the Bible as a tool for spiritual growth. 
  • That the material learned in Blaze and the relationships fostered in the meetings would provide an alternative to the unhealthy way our culture encourages teens to cope with the challenges of their stage of life.  

Our mission is to speak truth into the hearts of middle school girls with the love of Christ and the truths of our Catholic faith.

“In BLAZE this year I learned that there are truths and lies in everything, and you are prefect the way you are.”  Zana, Grade 8

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For more information, contact Peg Tuttle at 612-242-0821 or pegtuttle@msn.com